A little-known rule that even some veteran pickleball players routinely violate
Be aware of Rule 4J.

October 15, 2021

When you call out the score at the beginning of a doubles game, what do you say?

“Zeroes on the 2”?

“Zero zero start”?

According to Rule 4J in the USA Pickleball rulebook, both of these are incorrect. Here’s the rule:

4.J. Calling the Score in Doubles Matches. The score is called as three numbers in doubles matches. The proper sequence for calling the score is: serving team’s score – receiving team’s score – the server number (one or two), (e.g., “zero – one – one”). To start each game, the score will be called as “zero – zero – two.”

Strictly speaking, even “oh, oh, 2” is incorrect. The only correct way to call the score at the beginning of the game is “zero-zero-two.”

Most players don’t care, especially in rec play. But in tournament play, be aware.

If you violate 4J, your opponent has the right to catch the ball and ask you to re-serve.

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