Anti-pickleball party-pooper of the year
"Let's just demolish the pickleball courts."

March 7, 2021

This dude in Carlsbad, California, posted a diatribe against pickleballers in Poinsettia Park calling for the courts to be destroyed. He is demanding that the city council close down the courts and “put up another tennis court” instead “to show the pickleball players a lesson.” He claims that pickleballers are not complying with onerous COVID restrictions that tennis players are exempted from because “tennis courts are huge.” Apparently, pickleball doubles matches are forbidden in Carlsbad. (We’d love to see the scientific and medical justification for that.) At 3:09, he again reiterates his call for the courts to be demolished “in order to keep the cases and deaths of COVID at zero.” Genius.

YouTube video

“Let’s just demolish the pickleball courts.”

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