Pickleball Hall of Fame Museum on its way
Greatest pickleballers of all time will be featured at new facility in Austin, Texas. Yeehaw!

January 4, 2021

The Pickleball Hall of Fame will soon have a physical home in Austin, Texas. (Raise your paddles: How many of you even knew there was a Pickleball Hall of Fame? Pretty cool, huh?) The target date for completion is August 2021, when the museum will open at the Austin Pickle Ranch. The private club will boast a whopping 32 courts, including 8 covered ones…plus 6 more acres for future court expansion. Sounds like a great summer road trip idea. Start planning now!

Pickleballer Seymour Rifkind, 70 years young, will embark on a 45-day, 3,000-mile bike ride next month to raise money for the museum. You can support #RifsRide here and learn more from Rif’s latest video:

YouTube video

If you missed the December announcements for the 2020 Pickleball Hall of Fame inductees, watch the Zoom ceremony:

YouTube video

Congrats to all the new inductees!

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