Boom: Dayne Gingrich torches serial partner-dumping Catherine Parenteau for throwing Allyce Jones under bus at nationals; Anna Leigh Waters on the hook, too
Foul play.

November 13, 2022

Have you heard about the major pro drama at nationals in Indian Wells this weekend? Our favorite senior pro pickleball athlete/coach/truth-teller, Dayne Gingrich, has the scoop on pro Catherine Parenteau acting in a less-than-professional manner by unceremoniously dropping her women’s double’s partner Allyce Jones, to pair up with top-seeded Anna Leigh, whose mom/partner Leigh had to withdraw after falling yesterday during a match. Drop the mic, Dayne! Boom:

Catherine Parenteau dumping Allyce at Nationals the day before first round to play with AL today, and leaving Allyce with no partner, is absolutely horrendous! Not only did she bail last minute, but she never called or texted Allyce, herself, she had her manager do the dirty work for her!

This isn’t the first time CP has pulled this type of garbage, so if the governing bodies aren’t going to do anything about such nonsense, the other pro women need to take a stance. Effin ridiculous!!

As many have noted across social media, Parenteau pulled the plug on a planned partnership with Jessie Irvine, who was left high and dry until she paired up with rising star (and sweetheart) Anna Bright.

Several other pros chimed in to agree with Dayne, including Adam Stone and John Davison.

Other observers note that this disgrace isn’t just a stain on Parenteau, but on Anna Leigh Waters as well (of course, it’s not really 15-year-old Anna Leigh driving the bus, but her pro partner/mom/lawyer, Leigh).

Bottom line:

It’s a shitty move.

Travel, lodging, registration, and entry fees for tournaments are hefty at any level of play. Allyce Jones is a mom of 3 and we know how hectic it is to schedule anything with a busy home life, especially on weekends.

Pro pickleballer Joey Farias spills some tea and makes it known that he was the original victim of Parenteau and her manager/partner Athena Trouilot’s unceremonious dumping habits.

What goes around, comes around. We’re so glad Dayne and others blew the whistle. And we agree: Karma WILL be served.

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