Colorado Springs’ Life Time Fitness plans to install four dedicated indoor pickleball courts within the next six months
More indoor courts.

December 23, 2021

As previously reported by Dinkheads here,  Life Time Fitness in Colorado Springs is planning to convert one of its eight indoor tennis courts into four dedicated indoor pickleball courts during the first half of 2022. We reached out to Bryce Barnard, Tennis Assistant Manager, for more details.

He told Dinkheads that the four pickleball courts will have permanent nets with posts installed in the concrete floor. The price will be $20 per hour per court for Life Time members. Life Time hopes to grow its pickleball program just as it has grown its tennis program, eventually hiring a pickleball pro and hosting tournaments.

Other Life Time facilities, such as Life Time Lakeville in Minnesota and Life Time Athletic and Tennis Club near Atlanta, will be hosting major tournaments in 2022.

Barnard said the tennis court will be converted into pickleball courts in either Q1 or Q2 of 2022. Life Time’s other seven tennis courts will be resurfaced at that time.

Life Time will face competition from the new indoor facility being built in University Village as well as The Warehouse, a one-court indoor facility located near Garden of the Gods. But when the weather is bad, demand for indoor courts is extremely strong and there may be room for multiple competitors to succeed. Life Time undoubtedly will be an attractive option for players who live on the north side of town and/or want to combine pickleball with Life Time’s other amenities.

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1 year ago

Great addition to Colo. Springs for indoor play. Indoor play in CS is really needed