Conservatives play pickleball, too. Lib heads explode
Can't we all just dink and get along?

October 22, 2022

The fabulous thing about pickleball is that it transcends age, socioeconomic, racial, and ideological lines. At least, that has been our experience since we started playing the sport in earnest about two-and-a-half years ago when pandemic pandemonium broke out and we refused to be confined inside our home.

Now, that big money, Pickleball, Inc., and Hollywood have caught on, though, we are noticing more snarky comments from some left-wingers (hello, AOC supporters) upset that right-minded people in America love the sport (and are pretty good at it, too!).

Apparently, the New York Times mentioned yours truly in a big pickleball think piece this weekend and linked to (thank you and hello to our new readers). We don’t subscribe to that paper, but here’s an excerpt tweeted out by someone who is, well, not a fan:

Is that a threat? Sure, sure, they’re just kidding. Cancel culture would neeeeevvvvver be so vindictive and petty as to punish people for their political views! LOL.

So now pickleball has “reactionary energy” because someone whose politics you abhor plays it? The stupid. It burns:

What even does this mean?

Genius take here:

We agree with this:

Amen. Never forget, pballers: Your partner’s great third shot drop is a great third shot drop, no matter how he or she votes!

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