World Pickleball Championship day 1: Team USA bests Team World (8-6)
14 matches. 1 drop serve. 4 more days!

February 4, 2021

The first day of the World Pickleball Championship in Punta Gorda, Florida, wrapped up with the women’s doubles match pitting Team World’s Simone Jardim and Catherine Parenteau against Team USA’s Callie Smith and Andrea Koop. Jardim and Parenteau notched the win. But overall, Team USA (captained by Ben Johns — correction — Tyson McGuffin) came out on top for the day by 8-6 over Team World (captained by Steve Deakin). Each match was a timed, 20-minute match.

You can check out the schedule for tomorrow’s pro women’s singles and pro men’s singles play here.

Thumbs up: Commentator Scott Golden is doing a fabulous job on the ProPickleball Facebook livestream, which you can find here. The video quality was excellent and we had no problems connecting to the stream throughout the day.

Fun fact: The drop serve was attempted only once by Callie Smith in a women’s singles match. She lost the point and it was the only drop serve of the day out of 14 matches.

We’ll report back again tomorrow with more highlights and insights. And, if we may show our own team spirit: GO TEAM USA!

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