HBO highlights anti-pickleball whiners
"You can't focus on anything but that f**king noise."

October 26, 2022

We don’t know who this potty-mouthed anti-pickleballer is, but she’s featured in a new HBO Real Sports documentary and she is very, very angry about the sounds a pickleball makes. The laughter of joyous pickleball players probably sends her into complete meltdown. And something tells us that she probably doesn’t care too much for Dinkheads, either.

We don’t get HBO or any other cable TV, so we can only share what others are posting about the show tonight. A member on the Facebook Pickleball Forum noted:

Instead of talking about the sport, the growth, the enjoyment for millions, they instead chose to talk 95% about noise complaints. And, they did it using anecdotes from disgruntled tennis players, rather than approach it scientifically, or really with any facts.

I understand TV relies on dissension for ratings, but this was a bit absurd. If you are going to talk about noise, you could at least refer to decibel levels.

They also got a number of facts wrong. For example, they talked about converting tennis courts to pickleball courts at Roadrunner Park here in Phoenix. But they misrepresented that all 6 tennis courts were being converted when it is only 2. Also ironic was that as they were interviewing tennis players complaining about the conversion, the tennis courts in the background were empty, as they so often are.

We remain, as ever, loyal foot soldiers of the anti-anti-pickleball movement. Cry harder and invest in earplugs.

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