He’s baaaack! Porter Barr unveils new one-handed spin serve, and it’s utterly awesome

December 14, 2021

15-year old Porter Barr garnered attention a few months ago for his incredible chainsaw serve when his mom posted this video on Youtube:

Of course, the chainsaw serve will be illegal in a few weeks. At Nationals it became clear that Barr has been working on a one-handed version that will be completely legal in 2022. It’s just as effective as the original if not more so. Each of the following videos is queued up to show one of Barr’s serves:

Barr’s opponents in this game — Chris Patrick and Lina Padegimaite — are both extremely accomplished players who usually compete at the professional level. Despite Barr’s killer serve, Patrick and Padegimaite won this game 15-13.

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7 months ago

I’m baffled. I play with pace off and spin, just as I have with my tennis. No matter what spin is imparted by the non-paddle hand, when he hits form right to left [facing the net], the ball should spin to the right; how the heck does it spin left???????