Is there a pickleball tournament overload?
Time out?

September 11, 2022

In March 2022, the World Pickleball Tour launched its 2022 Amateur Series, touting 26 domestic competitions and possible international events in 2023. Your editors considered entering the WPT’s $5000 purse Colorado Springs Classic scheduled on 9/16-9/18, until that is, we took a gander at the steep registration fee of $70 plus $30 per event!

Scrolling through, we noticed that quite a few of the WPT events have been canceled, including:

Meanwhile, the number of registrants in several high-profile WPT events that took place or haven’t been canceled yet seems remarkably low:

What’s going on? We reached out to WPT for comment on the cancellations and will report back on any response. Let us know in comments if you are experiencing pickleball tournament fatigue or have observed the phenomenon in your area!

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