#JusticeForAllyce: Fans raise money for Jones after Parenteau dump; more pros spill beans, take sides
Good sportsmanship.

November 13, 2022

We told you last night about Dayne Gingrich’s social media posts exposing how pro pickleballer Catherine Parenteau dumped Allyce Jones at the last minute to play with Anna Leigh Waters in the nationals gold medal championship match today. Coach Gingrich noted that he works with Jones and had spoken with her and her husband directly yesterday before blowing the whistle. Several more pros weighed in on the controversy on Gingrich’s Instagram post, including Anna Bright, Maggie Remynse Chou, Alix Truong, and Vivenne David, who wrote:

“This is not right at all!!!! I’ve just lost a lot of respect towards Cathrine and AL.”

Top pro Lucy Kovalova also weighed in, writing:

“Oh well, not the first time or the last time that happened. Let’s just remember- loyalty and integrity are more important than some medals. I know who I’m cheering for tomorrow.”

There’s even a GoFundMe now to help cover Jones’ expenses. You can donate here.

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