Ouch: reviews of Johns bros’ “Live with Kelly & Ryan” pickleball segment are in!

October 8, 2021

Ok, we admit it. We waited with great anticipation for Ben and Collin Johns’ pickleball segment on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” this morning. The guys looked totally pro and did the sport proud. The brothers were at home in front of the camera; Ben effortlessly fielded questions from Kelly while volleying with Collin. The emphasis was on “fun,” so we didn’t get to see the boys show off their badass skills.

Judging from Facebook comments on some of the online pickleball forums, it seems we weren’t the only ones annoyed by the too-frivolous vibe emitted by Kelly, who let out a bizarro giggle/screech every time she hit the pickleball. Kelly’s famous for her physical fitness and could clearly be good at our game if she tried. Instead, she kinda turned into a clown (or horror) show.

Another annoyance: All the ragging on Collin Johns as the “lesser brother,” as Kelly put it. Really, girlfriend. Collin may not be numero uno, but he is a force in his own right! We agree with these comments:

For his part, Ryan showed quite a bit of promise in one of the rallies with Collin against Ben and Kelly. Maybe another celebrity pickleballer was born today?

Bottom line: It’s always great for big media and Hollywood types to pay attention to pickleball, but maybe next time, there will be hosts who treat it like something more than silly entertainment punctuated by cartoonish guffaws!

At the very least, maybe Ben was able to sell a few of his new paddles, (not coincidentally) released today!

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