Steve Dawson’s free online video course explains how to drill smarter
Transform your game.

March 18, 2022

Dinkheads is a big believer in drilling as the most efficient way to improve in pickleball. There is not a lot of information available, however, about how to drill. That’s where Steve Dawson’s excellent video series comes in.

Steve Dawson

As Dawson’s website explains:

“At Pickleball Master Course, you’ll get instant access to clear, powerful Pickleball training. With 29 modules drilling down every element of the game, there’s never been a more comprehensive online Pickleball Master Course. 

Steve has developed a simple and unique coaching methodology that will accelerate your online learning to win more matches and have more fun on the court.

If you’re looking to rapidly transform your game, Steve’s Pickleball Master Course can help you get the results at any level of play.”

Dinkheads has been taking Dawson’s course, which is sent in daily installments. We are currently at Day 15, and so far the course has been truly useful and insightful. We particularly loved Dawson’s videos on drilling angled overhead slams and “popcorns,” where the ball hits the net cord and dribbles over the net,

Best of all: Dawson has made his course available for free. You can find the link to the free drill series here:


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