Stop the hate! Tennis players wage anti-pickleball war; BadBoyPickleball strikes back
Can't we all just get along?

September 22, 2022

Your Dinkheads editors are monitoring a rising tide of bile and vitriol most foul against pickleball by tennis zealots. The latest salvos: Sticker and social media meme campaigns. Seriously.

Or maybe…not so seriously?

Very clever. Astute observers will note the similarity between that Anti-Pickleball Aktion” logo (ANTIPA?) and a more famous political logo:

There’s even a Club Leftist Tennis manifesto against pickleball, tongue planted firmly in cheek. Maybe:

In catering to the unquenchable greed of these elites, the first step for Big Pickleball has been to dismantle public infrastructure and rebuild it to cater to said elites. Indeed most literature about pickleball notes that the “sport” and its proponents seek to convert public tennis courts into pickleball courts—not the tennis courts at their fancy country clubs or retirement communities, but the tennis courts enjoyed by the great working people of this country, like you and I. This parasitic attack on public tennis courts is an early clue that pickleball is not truly dedicated to the glory of leisure, or else its supporters would have solidarity with the leisure of tennis players. No, its entire function is to attack existing shared infrastructure, to shrink it, and accordingly shrink the radical horizon of what can be accomplished collectively.

For the record: We at stand firmly and resolutely on behalf of Pickleball for the People and against the dread globo-homogenized forces of Pickleball, Inc.

Perhaps some “Stop the Pickleball Hate” bumper stickers and “Love is Love/0-0-2 is Love” lawn signs are in order before this civil war devolves.

USTA/USAP peace summit, anyone?

Update: It’s on. Bad Boy Pickleball strikes back (order here). Heh.

(P.S.: This all has the feel of a very savvy and coordinated marketing campaign, just like that “streaker” at the Baird Wealth Management Open men’s doubles match last week. Good job, whoever is behind it!)

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