The Facebook mob attacks Austin Gridley
If you're not watching Gridley's videos, you should be.

November 15, 2021

Two months ago, the mob went after pickleball player Lake Johnson. Now they’ve turned their attention to Austin Gridley, the rising star who — along with his partner — defeated the Johns brothers in men’s doubles earlier this year.

According to Gridley’s critics, Gridley is “awkward” and “clueless.” And this video in which he discusses his victory over the Johns brothers is “obnoxious,” “cocky,” and “unself-aware”:

YouTube video

Dinkheads disagrees! It really was the Upset of the Year, and Gridley’s analysis of the game is honest and fascinating.

We love Gridley’s videos. Here’s one of our favorites:

YouTube video

If you’re looking for snazzy videos with high-production value, Gridley won’t be your cup of tea. But if you want solid, practical, blunt advice on how to improve your game, his channel is among the best.

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