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Yesterday we had a funny thing happen while playing.  The ball landed in the kitchen..barely and then bounced back to the other side.  We just replayed the round.  Just would you have handled the bounce back? 


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Pretty sure there are rules in the rule book about that.  If the side where it bounced doesn't hit it, then they lose the point.  I think they can reach across to hit it as it bounces back (an exception to the normal rules).

But hey, I'm no expert.

Michelle Malkin
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This exact thing happened in a rec game I played last week! My opponents hit the ball into the far left side of the kitchen. I thought the ball was going out so I didn't touch it. The spin on the ball caused it to bounce back on the other side. We all just watched it in amazement. An advanced player told us that if I had reached over the other side of the net and just touched the ball with my paddle that my partner and I would have won the point. I guess there is a similar touch rule in tennis. Since it bounced untouched onto the opposite side of the court, we lost the point. FUN AND FUNNY!

Jerry in Georgia
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Yes if you reached over the net and touched the ball with your paddle you would have won the rally. You cannot touch the net with any part of your body or paddle while doing so.

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This is the only time where the rule about not being able to cross the plane until the ball is struck is not in effect.


Rule 11.I.1 covers this situation.


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