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Beginner drills

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What are some good beginner/advanced beginner drills to do in a clinic setting?


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Jesse Malkin
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Hi Lisa! Here are a few drills I've found helpful.



Cross-court dinks





3rd shot drop

Kitchen shots




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For more, I suggest you search Youtube using the phrase "pickleball drills."

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Oscar Jimenez
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Two drills I like to do with beginning players before I take them to the court. After I show them the stance I want them to use I have them go to the wall and toss a "foam" ball against the wall to work on hand/eye coordination. I do this until i feel they are comfortable with tossing and catching. Then I take them to the court and do the same thing,  but this time they are tossing and catching with their partner. I use this opportunity to talk about the NVZ line, their stance and movement. After this I introduce the paddle showing them the proper grip to be used. Then I repeat the first drill (still using the foam ball ) using the paddle going through all the progressions. Why the foam ball? I am teaching hand/eye coordination and the foam ball slows everything down. You get a nice consistent bounce and I find it to be a great teaching tool.  I suggest you try it yourself and see what you think.



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