These non-responsive responses from USAP and Pickleball Magazine deserve gold medals!

September 23, 2021

We recently reported on the curious editorial decision by Pickleball Magazine to list the worn pickleball courts at Banning Lewis Ranch-Vista Park as its first choice among “Pickleball Paradises” in America. Dinkheads reached out to both Pickleball Magazine and USA Pickleball, which is the magazine’s publisher, for comment.

Our message to Pickleball Magazine:

Ms. Talerico: I am curious why you included Banning-Lewis Ranch in your cover story article, but not better-known communities such as Pebble Creek (Goodyear, Ariz.), Sun City Grand (Surprise, Ariz.), and Hot Springs Village (Hot Springs Village, Arkansas). 
Attached are some photos I took this morning of Banning Lewis Ranch’s primary pickleball complex (the one located at Vista Park). Do you stand by your magazine’s characterization of these courts as “beautiful”? By any chance, did Banning-Lewis Ranch or an entity connected to it pay for favorable coverage?

Our message to USAP:

I have heard that USA Pickleball magazine provides favorable editorial coverage in exchange for payment. I have reason to believe this is why Banning Lewis Ranch was included in the magazine’s “Pickleball Paradise” cover story in your latest issue. Can you confirm or deny that such arrangements exist?

We present to you, unedited and in full, the remarkable responses from Pickleball Magazine editorial director Julie Talerico and USAP media relations director, Laura Gainor.

Hi Jesse, Thanks for your email. As we state at the end of the article, there are many resorts that offer pickleball, and this is not the last article we will publish on pickleball resorts. I’ve already put the three communities you mentioned on a list for a future article we are planning specifically on pickleball communities. Thanks again for your feedback. All best, Julie

Hi Jesse. Thank you for the note and for reading the article. This is just the beginning of upcoming features of incredible resorts and residential communities that are embracing pickleball, both in Pickleball Magazine and on our USA Pickleball website and social media channels. It was a fun article to write and I’m excited to be following along as we’re made aware of more resorts and new courts that are being built acorss the United States. It’s an exciting time for our sport! 
Have a great day. 
Thanks, Laura

When it comes to strategy and execution of this clever avoidance and deflection technique, USAP and Pickleball Magazine demonstrate pro-level skill. Impressive ducking and dodging by this women’s media relations doubles team, don’t y’all think? Take a bow, ladies!

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