Top 5 Jorge Quintero at-home drills
Can you do the PickleLiptical?

February 12, 2021

Jorge Quintero is an inventive and energetic squash player-turned-pro pickleballer from Edmonton, Canada. During the age of COVID, he has crafted the most amazing at-home drills in his basement. Be sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram. Here are our top five faves:

-The “PickleLipitical.” Wild!

YouTube video

-The “Jorge.” Pickleball Canada has officially named this signature back-flip shot after Quintero. Watch it in practice and during rec play:

YouTube video

-The Pendulum and Rotating Pendulum. We get dizzy just watching!

YouTube video

-Who’s up for some at-home Erne practice? (Click on the image for Instagram video.)

And finally, the “Sticky Paddle.” This is a great one to do when you are snowed-in or COVID-ed-in. Thanks for the creative inspiration, Jorge!

YouTube video


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