Whoa: The Villages to charge $1,000 initiation fee for indoor pickleball palace

November 27, 2022

Talk about cashin’ in. This is a new milestone in the annals of Pickleball, Inc. The famed Villages in Florida announced this week that it will charge residents a whopping $1,000 initiation fee for use of a new indoor pickleball facility featuring “16 courts inside a 40,773-square-foot building.”

Bad news for all those Villagers who scoot around their sprawling neighborhoods in decked-out golf carts. You won’t be able to access the building by golf cart and the building won’t even be located inside the Villages. We’re not sure what exactly you’ll get for your money. Maybe the courts are paved in gold?

The property where the pickleball facility will be built is not located within The Villages and most likely will not be golf cart accessible. However, the property is completely encircled by The Villages.

While pricing details for the indoor pickleball facility in The Villages have yet to be released, it has been reported that the Lakewood Ranch pickleball club will have a $1,000 initiation fee for those who want to get in early. The initiation fee will rise to $1,500 once the facility opens. The monthly membership will be $100.

The Pickleball Club is acquiring sites and plans to build at least 15 indoor private pickleball clubs throughout Florida, to the tune of about $180 million.

Color us skeptical. We’re reminded of our interview with the founders of Club Pickleball USA about how to do indoor pickleball right. Building community and offering an affordable pricing structure were top factors.

Gouging players from the get-go did not make the list. Good luck with that.

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