Erne king: American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is a pretty darn good pickleballer!

October 27, 2022

We knew that singer/songwriter Phillip Phillips played pickleball, but we didn’t know just how good a player he was until he watched him team up with senior pro Dan Granot at today’s Picklebowl 2022 competition.

Phillips earned high praise from pickleball pro legend/commentator Morgan Evans. Here’s a small sample of the season 11 American Idol winner’s play, starting with a nice Erne that Evans rightly calls “impressive.” (Unlike the Tennis Channel clowns, Evans knows an Erne when he sees one!)

Phillips also has fast hands, nice drops, good resets. To borrow Simon Cowell’s signature phrase: It’s a yes from us!

YouTube video

Here’s a second beautiful Erne and more praise from Evans:

YouTube video

In case you were wondering, Phillips’ weapon of choice is a Paddletek.

And in case you were wondering, Phillips’ DUPR doubles rating is 4.7, while his singles rating stands at 4.64.

As Evans put it: “Impressive!”


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